What Are The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices?

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Gary Thorton

What Are The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices?

Your kitchen is meant to be an appealing space where you and your loved ones can enjoy gathering. It needs to feel not only warm and welcoming but personal to you with your own flair – not a cold showroom floor or an outdated space you never want to spend time in. Picking a fresh custom cabinet door color will help you instantly update your space, whether with a fresh coat of paint or installing brand-new cabinets

Here are the top colors you can take inspiration from.

1. Pick a Classic White

White kitchen cabinets will never go out of style, which is why they are one of the most popular kitchen cabinet color choices. They provide a crisp and classic look suited to contemporary cooking spaces while also helping to make the space feel bigger and more inviting – something that is especially helpful for smaller kitchens. The beauty of white is how easily it can be paired with other colors found in your hardware, backsplashes, and other accent choices. White is especially suitable for the popular minimalism trend, but you will want to add pops of texture and color to create a less stark feel.

2. Choose Shades of Gray

Gray is a versatile color that garnered plenty of attention in the late 2010s but still remains in style today. It is another sleek neutral tone that can be paired with a myriad of accent colors, but unlike white, it doesn’t create a bare feeling on its own. This is particularly true if you select grays with red undertones for a warmer touch. Gray is unique in that it can work with both warm and cool tones, allowing for endless design possibilities.

3. Go for Blue Tones 

Navy blue is a particularly popular kitchen cabinet color because it can make a statement without being too overwhelming. There is a sense of richness and luxury to its deeper hues, particularly when paired with metallic hardware or white accents. Blues can add an air of grandeur to even the smallest kitchens, especially when accompanied by gilded hues[may be too close to the earlier “hues.” Accents?]. If you want to create a more modern aesthetic, try smokey grays paired with a unique backsplash to complete the look.

4. Try Black on For Size 

If you are looking to make a statement in your kitchen, black cabinets are the way to go. They provide a polished, edgy feel that will instantly elevate the space. When styled correctly, black can become quite versatile – but be careful because it has the potential to make a room feel smaller. Consider metallic finishes and lighter colors for a striking contrast, or if you feel a little unsure of yourself, start by adding black as an accent color instead.

5. Stick to Natural Wood Tones

The beauty of natural wood is undeniable. Natural wood cabinets have a way of bringing a warm and rustic feel to your kitchen. The grain patterns and textures of different wood species will work to add an organic feel to your space. There is also a lot of flexibility when it comes to natural wood because it can be stained in various shades, allowing you to select a hue that best compliments your kitchen.

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